5 Smartest Ideas to Build Backlinks for Your Site in 2020

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Can you tell me the two most important aspects of a successful SEO strategy? Well, if one is good content, the second has to be authoritative backlinks! Backlinks are those links which are made to your website by an external website to give you the authority and reference. When another site links to your website, it means that they are showing their trust on you and that’s the reason why search engines also rely heavily on your backlinks for giving you the ranking.

Most of the search engines, including Google, heavily prefer the backlink profile of a website that wishes to get a good ranking on the search engine. When you write good content and generate a good number of backlinks from authoritative sites (non-authoritative sites are mostly useless for ranking), the chances of you getting higher rank and beating your competitors get increased drastically!

Among hundreds of other ranking factors, backlink, quite certainly, secures its spot among the top two positions. Well, this fact is known to almost every other SEO agency, which is why they are always fighting for creating a good backlink profile. Now, how you can outsmart them! Well, we have talked to Intlum, an SEO agency in Kolkata, who discussed some wonderful ways to create backlinks that go against the conventional techniques. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss each of the techniques comprehensibly.

  • Smart Ideas to Build Backlinks for Your Website
Go through the techniques and implement them for your website. We are quite certain that it will help you discover a new window of backlink building strategy.

  • Broken-Link Building Strategy
The broken-link building method, as per my opinion, is one of the best backlink building strategies you can avail at the time when the competition is reaching the limits of the sky! The reason why experts love this strategy is only because this one-way link building strategy helps you get in touch with website owners and communicate with them personally for taking a link from their site and still it seems like a favor from your end!

Basically, you need to search authoritative sites from your niche and find the broken links (that had a similar content like the one you have on your site) they have mentioned on their website. If they have a broken link, it’s surely hurting their SEO practice. In that scenario, you can contact the owner, inform them about the broken link and request to replace that link with the one from your site. Well, there’s a caution, you should never sound like you are begging for a backlink. Give three to four links as options including your one; so that they can choose wisely. Furthermore, you should also mention the exact location of the broken link in order to make sure they don’t have to hit their head finding the link.

  • Backlink through Infographics
If you want to bring traffic to your website and build backlinks that add value to your site, there’s no better way than infographics. The finest advantage with infographics is that they offer visual data which are attractive and easy to understand, which is why they get a lot of share on the internet and over social media. People love infographics and they share them quite a lot which includes influential sources like Mashable.

Now, when you create an infographic, you need to make sure that you are working on the aesthetics, information, uniqueness, and story-telling which will grow the interest of your audience. For making one, in the initial stage, you can start looking for the trending topics at the moment and what people are looking for. Then you can create a visually appealing statistical data. In the beginning, you can start gathering all the data and when you finish gathering them, design those data in a visual template that’s called an infographic. If you don’t know much about designing, hiring a designer would get the job done. Infographic has an insane amount of potential i.e. almost 10 authoritative backlinks for a well-designed and informative infographic!

  • Guest Articles
Well, it can be a known way but we are mentioning it because of its effectiveness till date. And as per the experts, it is an evergreen method to build backlinks for any website. By publishing well-written articles on popular and authoritative websites where thousands of users come every single day, you are not only creating a good backlink strength for your website, you are also creating a scope for those people to click the link on your article (which has been linked to your site) and drop on your site eventually which may very likely lead to a possible purchase or subscription (based on what your site is about).

Guest blogging is a wonderful way to augment your visibility, popularity, and relationship with your target audience. However, since your target audience is an important factor, you should always aim those sites which come under your niche. The backlink strength it can build is beyond your imagination. Most of the powerful sites out there accept guest blogging. Even Google Analytics blog is open for the contributors (as their tweet says)!

  • Spying on Competitors
If you want to succeed in the world of digital marketing and SEO, you should never take your eyes off from your competitors. Remember, keep your enemies closer because your competitor may be running a link building strategy that is hugely effective and which is the reason why they are generating that much of traffic when you are losing the game.

You can access all their backlinks using the SEO tools in the market like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Moreover, you can also create a Google alert which will tell you how and when they are acquiring a backlink.

  • Promote Content
Unless you promote your content, there’ll be nobody who will link to your site. Firstly, you are not a popular site and secondly, people have no time to reach to you and read your content by their own effort! So, you need to put the effort first and promote your content across multiple platforms. One of the best ways to promote your content is Email Outreach where you can email the influencers regarding your outstandingly written and informative content. If they like it, they’ll surely promote your content which comes with huge exposure.

Moreover, weekly or monthly roundup would also be a viable option to promote your awesome content. You can search google for “Your keyword” + Roundup to get some roundups of recent times.

  • Summary
If you want to succeed in SEO and increase your traffic as well as conversion, you need to be under the limelight. And a higher ranking can give you that. So, you have to build a backlink profile to rank higher and these link building strategies are going to help you break the internet and stay at the top!


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